We asked our Musical Leaders to interview each other; read on to find out their advice to their younger selves, and the worst thing that has happened on stage!

Name: Rosemary

Instruments: Trumpet, Voice, Piano

Year: 2nd Year, Undergraduate

Degree: Primary Education with Music Specialism

Music at Reading ensembles: Signature Sounds,

Chamber Choir, Festival Sinfonia

7 Questions:

What has been the worst or most memorable thing that has happened during a performance? 

Having children completely air my jokes #primaryteacher

Who is your musical inspiration? 

John Williams, and my teachers Mr Melling and Ms Branou

What inspires you to perform?

I love performing after lots of hard work and preparation, to entertain 

Which instrument do you wish you had learned?


What musical advice would you give to your younger self? 

Don’t admit defeat when reherasing in’t going your way.

What musical moment are you most proud of?

Snape Maltings Musical Leaders choir weekend

Which three words describe you as a musician?

Excitable, Driven, Creative