Digitally Ready

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Imagine a university where all students and all staff are able to access all the digital resources they need now and for the future.

Digitally Ready aims to raise awareness and offer opportunities to staff and students at the University of Reading to develop their digital literacies to prepare them for working, learning and living in a digital society. Capabilities may include ICT/computer literacy, information literacy, media literacy, communication and collaboration, digital scholarship, learning skills, and life-planning.

Digitally Ready aims to:

  • Build on and communicate existing good practice
  • Develop case studies to illustrate the benefits and efficiency gains of an enhanced teaching and learning experience
  • Enhance skills by developing self-diagnosis tools to promote personal life-long learning around digital literacies
  • Enable the University to respond to rapid and on-going changes in technology and thereby meet the expectations of students and staff

Digitally Ready is a JISC-funded project under the Developing Digital Literacies programme. Project findings and outputs will be shared throughout the Higher Education sector.