Thomas Whitlock (2012/13)

My dissertation study is looking at the bird species richness of five different areas of fragmented woodland around Reading, including the campus woodland. The five woodland areas are shown in Figure 1. 


Figure 1 – The five woodland areas in Reading

This data will be used to access the importance of both area and isolation in determining bird species richness within these woodland habitats. As well as the area of the woodland being collected, the isolation from other woodlands as well as the distance to road networks have been compared against the bird species richness and analysed using regression models of Minitab 16.

As well as this, the bird species which are spotted on the woodland surveys have been used to create 40 separate blog entries, under two different language styles – the popular style and scientific style of writing. The viewing figures for both styles will be analysed in order to see whether a particular writing style is preferred in blog entries  As well as this, a questionnaire enquiring about the writing preferences of the blog readers will also be analysed to see what style of language is most preferred by blog readers.

The survey is now closed.

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