Prof. Eleanor Dickey to give the 2014 Gaisford Lecture

Dickey photoWe are delighted to announce that our colleague Prof. Eleanor Dickey has been invited to give the prestigious Gaisford Lecture.

She will speak on the topic of

Lucian’s Shortbread Eating Primer’: how to make fun of your language textbook

Thursday 8 May 2014, 5 pm, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, Oxford.

Prof. Dickey will also give a lecture on the topic of

Education, Research, and Government in the Ancient Greek World

Thursday 8 May 2014, 1pm, Gresham College, London.

Both lectures are free and everyone will be welcome.

Classics Research Seminars – Summer Term 2014

We are delighted to announce our programme of research seminars for Summer Term 2014.

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars will take place at 4pm in the Ure Museum. Everyone welcome!

28 May
Chris Faraone
‘Women and Children First: The Earliest Evidence for Ancient Greek Body Amulets’

4 June
Vasileios Syros
‘Greek Economic Thinking and the Emergence of Political Economy in the Islamic World’

11 June
Bev Scott
‘And Venus was her name? Medea ipsa in Valerius Flaccus’

18 June
Agnès Garcia Ventura
‘Workers at the end of the 3rd millennium BCE Mesopotamia: some reflections on job categories, gender and kinship’