Spreading the word and learning some new ones

My colleague Erika Delbecque and I spent a useful day yesterday in Bath at the University Library promoting the good work being done here in Reading on the Digitally Ready project and learning about what is happening there – especially from the perspective of Library staff. Specifically I was able to highlight our recent experience sharing day and extend invitations to next year’s event; report on early findings from the investigations in to staff, student and employers’ attitudes to the work placement schemes (thanks Rachel) and Erika introduced her e-Book project (of which more in a future post).What did we learn? The different definitions of digital literacy arrived at by the four faculties at Bath via their Faculty Learning Communities and the long lists of attributes their students should have. We were also introduced to Doug Belshaw’s 8 C’s of digital literacy, or should I refer to them as  elements? I am sure Doug will notice this post and provide an authoritative link.

We have more than established good links for future discussios and information exchange.

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