Classical Association Conference 2013 – Plenary Lecture

If you had to miss it, or if you would like to relive Prof. Charlotte Roueché’s powerful lecture ‘Back to the Future? Rediscovering Classics in a Digital World’, you can now do so on YouTube. The lecture was delivered on occasion of the 2013 Classical Association conference at the University of Reading:

Classics Doctoral Research Colloquium 2013

Invitation to the University of Reading, Classics Doctoral Research Colloquium
Wednesday 19th June 2013, Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology
All welcome

Session 1: Greek Drama
Chair: Alastair Harden

10.30 Elena Chepel: Processions in Old Comedy
11.00 Kate Cook: Heroic identity and the use of praise in Euripides’ Heracles

11.30 Coffee break

Session 2: Greek literature and art
Chair: Kate Cook

12.00 Niki Karapanagioti: Women, Space and Revenge in Herodotus’ Histories
12.30 Alastair Harden: Skins and symbols: some iconographical case-studies

1.00 Lunch (HumSS G40, Department Library)

Session 3: Latin literature and Roman history
Chair: Niki Karapanagioti

2.00 Maria Lloyd: The influence of Julia Domna upon Septimus Severus
2.30 Orazio Camaioni: The first fragment of Varro’s Antiquitates Rerum Humanarum
3.00 Mick Stringer: Flog it! Flog what?  Sales recognition in Roman agricultural treatises

3.30 Coffee break

Session 4: Workshop
4.00 Timothy Duff – Peter Kruschwitz: Academic job interviews in Classics