Developing T&L with the use of technology

Here in the Centre for the Development of T&L we engage with academic staff to help them design their courses and develop their teaching approaches using technology. Apart from working very closely with individuals and teams we deliver a number of sessions and workshops that are open to all staff at the University; Here is a list for this academic year:

Blackboard Learn: the basics                                                                                  Hands-on
Find out what Blackboard Learn is, how it can benefit your course, and begin using it in this session.
Monday 17 October 2011
Wednesday 25 January 2012
Blackboard Learn: beyond the basics                                                                             Demo
Get an overview of the various and exciting tools on offer within Blackboard Learn that can help you enhance your course.
Thursday 27 October 2011
Thursday 2 February 2012
Blackboard Learn: helping your students understand plagiarism (Turnitin tool)
Plagiarism is of increasing concern to staff at the university. This short demonstration will show you how to use Blackboard Learn to inform students about plagiarism and deter them from it. See how to set up a space where students can submit their work, how to check their work against other sources, and the ways in which you might prevent plagiarism from occurring.
Wednesday 30 November 2011
Blackboard Learn: communication & group work                                                        Demo
In addition to basic tools such as announcements and email, Blackboard Learn also offers the ability to organise your students into groups, target content, communication and assessment activities, and set up discussion boards. Find out how!
Thursday 8 December 2011
Blackboard Learn: building assessment activities                                Demo and hands-on
Create online tests, surveys and pools of questions for use within your course, and find out how grades work within Blackboard Learn.
Wednesday 4 January 2012
Blackboard Learn: blogs, wikis, e-portfolios — what  they are and how to use them
Discover new tools within Blackboard Learn that allow your students to interact more with your course. Provide them with a journal where they can reflect on their work, or a space where they can work together.
Tuesday 7 February 2012



Curriculum development: designing for Blended Learning

This session aims to give you an overview of the challenges involved in designing and delivering a blended course (combining conventional face-to-face teaching with e-learning) and familiarise yourself with a range of tools and resources to help them make informed decisions about creating new or adapting existing blended learning modules and activities. The workshop will adopt a collaborative approach and will have a set of structured activities for you to participate in. If you are planning designing a course or module, bring along any information.

19 March 2012

Podcasting: using audio in your teaching
Attend this fun session to find out how you can use sound in your course. Briefly covering all the stages of podcasting from the scripting and recording to editing and publishing, this session should not only give you a taster but enough material and motivation to get you started.

14 March 2012

Blackboard Learn: School portals
All you need to know to develop and manage a portal in Blackboard Learn

21 September 2011

28 November 2011

Turnitin: Online feedback, marking and peer review

In addition to checking your students’ work against other sources, Turnitin also offers the ability to give feedback, mark papers online, and encourage peer review.

3 February 2012

Blackboard Learn: extending your course with templates and tags

In July 2010, the University of Reading began an exciting new JISC-funded project to look at developing new functionality in Blackboard Learn. This session will give you the opportunity to see and try tools that allow you to tag your Blackboard Learn course using keywords, enabling much greater navigation of learning materials, and to provide templates for students with which to record and reflect.

16 May 2012


Prezi: an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint

Discover a relatively new tool that offers an alternative way to create presentations. After the demonstration, there will be time to discuss its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with PowerPoint and to reflect more generally on what makes a good presentation

7 March 2012

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