Midweek scorecasts for the English Championship are shown in the table below.

At the top of the league, new leaders, Norwich are away to Stoke (asking the very cliched question of whether they can do it on a cold night at the Britannia Stadium?).

We have a draw predicted as the most likely result (see Score Picks, Most) and if there is a win, we favour Stoke (See Outcome Probs and Score Picks, Cond). However, bookmakers disagree with us, slightly favouring Norwich (32.8% Stoke, win – 38.4% Norwich, see Mean Odds in the table below)

Bournemouth in 2nd place, also relegated last season, are unbeaten at home so far this season and play Nottingham Forest tonight. We have a 60% chance of a win for Bournemouth with bookmakers agreeing but with only 53.3% for a home win.

At the other end of the table Wycombe are at home to the 3rd of the relegated Premier League teams, Huddersfield. Prospects for Wycombe are better in our model than for the average of bookmaker odds. We have a 43.9% chance of a win for Wycombe, win a draw the most likely result, whereas bookmakers have Huddersfield at 42.6% to win.

At the very bottom of the league, Derby hope to turn their fortunes around with a new combination of Wayne Rooney and Steve McClaren, who haven’t worked together since McClaren was England manager. Neither our model or bookmakers give Derby much hope.

We have a 1-0 win for Middlesbrough as the most likely result with the bookmakers prediction odds of a Middlesbrough win almost identical to ours:

48.4% (our model) and 48.3% (average bookmaker odds).