Tornado season 2011

The spring of 2011 will likely be remembered as one of the most extreme tornado seasons ever to occur in the United States. As of June 16th there had been a total of 1482 tornado reports since the start of the year, with 537 deaths from 56 killer tornadoes, and an estimated $20 billion worth … Continue reading “Tornado season 2011”

Changing spring weather

The spring of 2011 has been warm and dry across southern and eastern parts of the UK. There have been many news stories in recent weeks about the problems that the exceptionally dry spring weather has caused farmers across areas of southern Britain and continental Europe. The growth and development of plants makes the weather in spring … Continue reading “Changing spring weather”

The Grimsvotn Volcanic Eruption

At approximately 17:30 UTC on the 21st May a volcanic eruption started at Grimsvotn in Iceland.  The eruption occurred roughly 30 minutes before Harold Camping, an evangelical preacher from the US, had predicted that a giant earthquake would mark the start of the world’s destruction.  Seismic tremors at the Grimsfjall station did start at 17:30 … Continue reading “The Grimsvotn Volcanic Eruption”