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The cost of a flight

In January this year a new measure to tackle climate change came into force.  Designed by the European Union, it targets the 220 million tonnes of CO2 emitted on flights departing from or arriving to a European airport annually (figure from 2006).  The measure is to include aviation CO2 emissions in the EU’s emissions trading […]

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Future pathways for geoengineering research

Geoengineering is not going away any time soon. It is beginning to move from a fringe topic into the mainstream, and a genuine research community is starting to set the agenda for future research. ‘Climate engineering’ or ‘geoengineering’  is an umbrella term covering methods by which humans can modify Earth’s climate: carbon dioxide removal (CDR) […]

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Spring Term bloggers

Welcome to a new term for the WCD blog with our usual mix of recent weather and climate and some of the research and other work that other members of the department are working on. Blogs are usually published on Friday. Week 1 (20th Jan) – Angus Ferraro Week 2 (27th Jan) – Emma Irvine […]

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