Deepwater horizon oil spill – links

It seems as if a significant ecological disaster is developing in the Gulf of Mexico following the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig last week and subsequent outflow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll talk about the spill and ways in which the oil is dispersed in WCD. Meanwhile, here … Continue reading “Deepwater horizon oil spill – links”

Tornado outbreak 24/04/10 – SE USA

Last Saturday saw a large outbreak of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the south-eastern USA with a particularly large and long-lived EF4 tornado which killed 10 people in Mississipi. There is a lot of material on the web discussing the background to the storms, but the accuweather blog showing radar images of the tornado was … Continue reading “Tornado outbreak 24/04/10 – SE USA”

Week 1: Flight Relief – No Contrails

As you’re all well aware, the ash cloud from the erupting Icelandic volcano has meant a suspension of many European flights over the last week. This has been the only major grounding of planes since the post-9/11 grounding in the US, and as such I make Saturday 17 April 2010 the first day in my … Continue reading “Week 1: Flight Relief – No Contrails”

Volcanic ash observations from the ground and air

Robin Hogan and others have been putting together some very nice material looking at observations of the Ash cloud from satellite and ground based instruments, particularly those in Chilbolton, which you can see here (powerpoint presentation) Particularly interesting are the apparent signatures of volcanic products at the ground. Robin will be updating the presentation as … Continue reading “Volcanic ash observations from the ground and air”

Eyjafjallajökull eruption and ash plume

An early post on the volcanic plume currently causing severe disruption to air travel over northern Europe. I’ve collected together some of the links already sent to met social by Keith which has lots of new images and the EUMETSAT front page from David which has some nice animations. For those who want a journal reference … Continue reading “Eyjafjallajökull eruption and ash plume”