Improving the space weather forecast: recent events

I find it hard to believe our Sun is still shining above the continual gloom that has covered central England for much of this winter but not only is it still there, it’s starting to wake up from an unusually quiet period and the many space missions studying the Sun are poised to track its … Continue reading “Improving the space weather forecast: recent events”

Is pollution making Central London duller?

The “direct effect” of aerosols is well known: particles in the atmosphere scatter solar radiation back out to space, reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. Atmospheric aerosols originate from both natural sources (such as dust and wind-blown sea salt) and from anthropogenic sources – such as sulphate, nitrate and … Continue reading “Is pollution making Central London duller?”

At the controls: should we consider geoengineering?

Towards the end of 2010 I wrote a post sketching out the current state of the science of geoengineering: the justification, the methods, and the effects. I closed by explaining that there is more than just the science to consider. It is obvious that something as profoundly significant as altering the climate system must be … Continue reading “At the controls: should we consider geoengineering?”