Where is the scariest place to be this Hallowe’en?

This Sunday, as you’re walking down the Reading streets en route to a Hallowe’en-themed party, or dressing up and terrorising the neighbourhood for their sweets, you have probably tried your hardest to look really scary (unless you’re lucky enough to naturally be like that). You might have decided you would try a witch costume. The … Continue reading “Where is the scariest place to be this Hallowe’en?”

Planetary waves or confirmation bias?

While in Oklahoma this academic year, I thought I had discovered something peculiar. Frequently, when discussing the weather back at home in Stockton-on-Tees with my parents via Skype, there was often a coincidence of weather type, even a swift change on the same day, e.g. the passage of a front. Of course, I was wary … Continue reading “Planetary waves or confirmation bias?”