8-9 February 2013 Winter Storm in the US Northeast

It was only about six months ago when the US Northeast was the focus of our attention in Weather and Climate Discussion. Hurricane Sandy, also known as the “Frankenstorm”, brought a massive storm surge and devastating coastal flooding to the states of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Two weeks ago, the US Northeast was … Continue reading “8-9 February 2013 Winter Storm in the US Northeast”

An update on the DIAMET flight campaign

At the beginning of term, Tom Frame contributed this excellent post about the ongoing DIAMET field campaign.  In this blog entry, I’ll provide an update on some of the more exciting and stomach-turning developments from the past few weeks of flying into storms around the British Isles. Backing up for just a moment, you may … Continue reading “An update on the DIAMET flight campaign”

Bang goes the theory, so what’s yours?

Thanks to Andrew for getting this blog started. I hope we can keep this going for a long time. I tried very hard not to do it, but it looks like this is going to be yet another posting about the volcano. Did anyone watch the BBC programme “Bang Goes the Theory”(series 2, ep 5) last … Continue reading “Bang goes the theory, so what’s yours?”