A cold stratospheric spring

In week 10 Mike Blackburn will be writing a blog on early analysis on what was an interesting season in the troposphere. In this blog I’ll give a quick update on the northern hemisphere stratospheric winter and its implications for ozone as we enter spring. Unlike recent stratospheric winters, with dramatic mid-winter major stratospheric sudden … Continue reading “A cold stratospheric spring”

Week 1 – Current and future Ozone holes

During September and October the large spring-time depletion of stratospheric ozone, the so-called ozone-hole, occurs over the Southern Hemisphere polar cap. Despite the success of the Montreal Protocol in restricting production and emission of ozone depleting substances, large concentrations remain in the stratosphere and continue to cause major depletion of ozone each spring. A summary … Continue reading “Week 1 – Current and future Ozone holes”